Here is a list of magazines I have written articles for. It shows the  title of the project and the pages in which it appears

PolymerCafe Magazine August 2013 Cover, page 26-31
Japanese Paper Beads
Crafts ‘n Things Magazine Fall 2013 page 74-75
“Spaghetti” Scarf with Matching Pin

Crafts “n Things Magazine October 2012 page 78-79
“A Trail of Leaves” Scarf with Floral Pin

Crafts ‘n Things Magazine August 2012 page 80-81
Japanese Paper Beaded Necklace

Sew It All Magazine 2012 Volume 4 page 94-95
Kiddie Kicks (Mary Jane Style Baby Shoes)

Bead & Button Magazine February 2012 page 84-85
Reversible Rainbow Bracelet

Crafts ‘n Things Magazine August 2011 page 65
Casserole Carrier

Bead Unique Magazine Spring 2011 Issue #28
“A Tender Heart” Necklace pages 40, 42 & 70

Bead Unique Magazine Winter 2010 Issue
Tropical Holiday, page 40-42

Crafts ‘n Things Magazine October 2010 Issue
Scrappy Scarf, page 98

Bead Unique Magazine Fall 2010 Issue

Serendipity Collage Bracelet, page 56-58

Bead Unique Magazine Spring 2009 Issue
Polymer Clay Garden Bracelet, page 72-73

PolymerCafe Magazine Summer 2007, Vol. 5, No. 3
Quilt Magic Canes, page 16-19

Belle Armoire Art to Wear Sept/Oct 2007
Stamped Leather Baby Booties, page 42-45

Belle Armoire Jewelry Volume 3 2007
Polymer Bead and Copper Tube Bangles, page 16-19

Scrap & Stamp Arts June 2007
Style Stones Jewelry, page 40-41

PolymerCafe Magazine Spring 2006, Vol. 4, No. 2
Pillow Purse Beads, page 41-43

PolymerCafe Magazine Spring 2005, Vol. 3, No. 2
Colorful Clay Sandal Beads, page 19-21

PolymerCafe Magazine March/April 2004
Embossed Clay Covered Tins, page 14-15

Expression Magazine Spring 2004 Issue
Leather Journals, page 73-78

PolymerCafe Magazine Spring 2003 Issue
Stamped & Painted Polymer Clay Tube Beads, page 12-13

Expression Magazine March/April 2003 Issue
Full page ad for Createx Colors featuring three leather photo album covers, page 47

Expression Magazine March/April 2003 Issue
Full page ad for Createx Colors featuring three leather photo album covers, page 47

PolymerCafe Magazine Premiere Issue/Fall/Winter 2002
Painted/Stamped Tube Beads, Reader’s Gallery Section, page 42

Bead & Button Magazine Oct. 2002
Faux Porcelain Beads , page 66

Expression July/August 2002
Polymer Clay Barrettes, page 72-74

CRAFTS Magazine (special issue Garden Crafts) May/June 2002
Leather Tool Bag with Belt, page 6 and 12-13

Jewelry Crafts Magazine August 2001
Crazy for Cats, pages 16-19

Belle Armoire Magazine Summer 2001
Chinese Hinged Necklace, page 76

Belle Armoire Magazine Premiere Issue 2001
Dragonfly brooch, page 76

Dollhouse Miniatures December 2000
Miniature polymer clay purses, page 70-71

Bead and Button Magazine October 1999
Shoe Heaven necklace, page 38-40

The Rubber Stamper Magazine July/August 1999
Bracelets, page 141

Arts and Crafts Magazine June 1999
Faux leather/polymer clay, page 14-15

Crafts Magazine May 1999
Clay critters, page 8